About us

The media centre was founded since 2009 in the Republic of Ireland. And our office is at the heart of the country, Dublin city centre. Very close to Dublin Spire. We pride ourselves as the best mobile phones and pc dealers and repairers in Ireland. We sell the cheapest devices with a guarantee. We understand that human need is much in the present time and since it's a must to use good devices, we have strategies to make our clients get the best without breaking their wallets. We also sell mobile accessories and gadgets.  

We sell used and brand new phones, laptops, desktops computers, games consoles, and phone accessories. We also repair all mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers and we install different types of software.  

We render fast internet services, general printing services, graphics design services, web designs services, Passport and digital photographs, photocopies and money transfers.





Shipping to Ireland between 3 to 5 working days 

Shipping to outside Ireland 5 to 7 working days

We sell, service and repair used and brand new mobile phones, laptops and desktops computers, games consoles and cameras. 

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+353 87 989 2036

+353 1 873 4649